Attachment wheel FreeWheel ... unimaginably mobile

We all know it: on uneven surfaces like in old towns or on natural paths, you have to keep an eye on the ground because of the small front wheels, instead of enjoying nature and panoramas; otherwise you'll fly.

With the FreeWheel, everything is much easier; thanks to the large wheel diameter, natural paths, cobblestones, gravel roads, stones, mud and kerbs are no longer worthy of a glance; your off-road tricycle sweeps over them. Even if you are pushed, the FreeWheel is a great relief for your companion. The FreeWheel gives you great freedom with maximum safety.

Safely over hill and dale with the FreeWheel

Easy assembly

Mounting the FreeWheel is very easy, even when sitting in a wheelchair. As explained in the presentation, the FreeWheel can simply be latched on with the wheel turned 180º. First insert it at the back, then lower it at the front until the wheel touches the ground. By flipping the lever backwards, the FreeWheel is securely anchored. With a 180º turn of the attachment wheel, the front wheels lift off the ground and obstacles are no more.

Discover freedom in a relaxed way

The FreeWheel allows you to navigate any rough terrain easily and safely. Whether it's the urban jungle in New York, going to your daughter's or son's soccer game, or participating in a triathlon, a FreeWheel is the perfect answer. Instead of always keeping your eyes on the ground, with a FreeWheel mounted you can enjoy the surroundings, chat with your companion, simply be more relaxed on the road.

The F1 footboard is no longer manufactured

Unfortunately, the footboard F1 with which the FreeWheel can be mounted very easily on foldable active wheelchairs is no longer manufactured. Since Switzerland incomprehensibly terminated the negotiations on the framework agreement with the EU and at the same time the agreement on medical products with the EU expired, the footboard can no longer be exported to EU countries. The demand in Switzerland is too small to maintain the production.
Interested parties who would like to take over the production in the EU will receive extensive support from us. Please contact us at

FreeWheel - safely on the road
FreeWheel - safely on the road

FreeWheel - safely on the road

CHF 695.00
CHF 715.00

The longer wheelbase of the wheelchair with mounted FreeWheel makes it easier to show off or be pushed. No more need to constantly keep an eye on the ground in front of you. Shoulders , elbows and wrists are less strained when using the FreeWheel.

With the front wheels raised, there is much less risk of getting caught on kerbs and other bumps and, in the worst case, being thrown out of the wheelchair. Riding on grass or gravel paths is also much easier with the FreeWheel.

Technical specifications

Weight: 2.4 kg
Length from footboard: 47 cm
Totallength: 64 cm

We only sell the FreeWheel to customers in the Switzerland. Suppliers for other countries can be found at the manufacturer

Delivery time: Economy 2-3 days, Priority 1-2 days